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1 HUTECH University; h.phu@hutech.edu.vn; nln.thao@hutech.edu.vn

2 Hochiminh City University of Nature Resources & Environment; htnhan_ctn@hcmunre.edu.vn

*Correspondence: h.phu@hutech.edu.vn; Tel.: +84–966687548      

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With the increasing demand for plastic, the environment is now suffering from more plastic waste than ever before; especially disposable plastic waste and medical waste plastic in the post–Covid–19 period. Plastics cannot be biodegraded but persist over time, they are broken down into smaller pieces. These pieces are called microplastics. By means of an overview research method to make theoretical arguments about the risks related to human health from microplastics and we have conducted a survey to sample water on the Saigon–Dong Nai river, the purpose of This paper presents a method to identify microplastics in the continental surface water environment under Vietnamese conditions. The research method has been applied on the Saigon river basin from Dau Tieng lake and Dong Nai tributary from Tri An lake to Thanh Da, at the confluence of the Saigon–Dong Nai rivers; and analyzed some of the impacts of microplastics on human health.

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Phu, H.;  Han, H.T.N.; Thao, N.L.N.  Plastic waste, microplastics in the Saigon–Dong Nai river basin, the risk of impacts on the health of people. Tạp chí Khí tượng Thuỷ văn 2022, 736(1), 14-27. 

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