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1Department of Geography, School of Social Education,Vinh University

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Marine development trend with a new economic mindset is being paid great attention by many countries in the world in order to solve socio-economic development issues for present and future. Quang Binh is one of the 28 marine provinces and cities of Vietnam with the highest marine influence index in the country. The determination of marine economy as a key development direction in recent years has made Quang Binh a fairly good province with many socio-economic criteria achieving and increasing the set targets. The paper analyzes the current situation of marine economic development, thereby proposing solutions to promote marine economic development of Quang Binh province in the future. 

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Hoang Phan Hai Yen (2019), Current Development Situation of Marine Economy in Quang Binh Province. Tạp chí Khí tượng Thủy văn, EME2, 146-154.

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